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CMS Solutions

We design, develop, maintain and support secure websites built with the Joomla Content Management System

Joomla Websites

We create functional websites and apps that are optimised for performance and user experience. As a full-service Digital Studio with over a decade of experience providing businesses with exceptional products, solutions and campaigns, we can create just anything you require.

We have a wealth of experience working with Joomla on a daily basis and have designed and built a variety of sites using this flexible platform. We offer design, development, support, training, hosting and consultancy in all versions of Joomla.

Berkshire Web Development

Joomla Web Design & Development

Joomla Website Design Berkshire - Greenlizzard Studios


Design, Development & Support

Joomla!® is an award-winning flexible CMS (Content Management System) that enables users to easily publish web content. It is used to build, organise, manage and publish content for small businesses, governments, non-profits and large blue-chip organisations worldwide.

With over 15 years of experience in designing and developing websites based on the ever-popular Joomla!®CMS platform for businesses across the various industry sectors, we have the knowledge and experience to handle your Joomla!® project from design concept to finish including support, hosting and system training.

Joomla Web Development Berkshire - Greenlizzard Studios

Why Joomla!®

Flexible, Scalable and Secure

Joomla powers nearly two million websites worldwide thanks to its flexible, scalable and customisable characteristics. Being open-source software, it's functionality rivals proprietary alternatives and thanks to its MVC structure and focus on security, it is considered a more stable and secure platform on which to build professional websites compared to some of its opensource alternatives.

Joomla Website Maintenance Berkshire - Greenlizzard Studios


Maintenance & Support

Today's websites and CMS systems need constant updates and security fixes to keep them secure form the thousands of daily hacking attempts, no website is safe from these malicious attacks, but most are a result of the CMS or its extensions not being kept up to date, misconfigured or just residing with poor web hosting providers.

Coming from a software security background, we know more than most what hackers are capable of, so with this in mind we offer Joomla maintenance and support programmes that help to keep your website up to date, and secure, using extra levels of security and monitoring for your peace of mind.

Joomla Website Hosting Berkshire - Greenlizzard Hosting


Website Hosting

A fast, secure and reliable infrastructure is needed to ensure amazing functionality and performance of your website and its files. Without this, your website will provide slow performance, and could eventually fall over.

Our managed cloud hosting packages are optimised for Joomla-based websites, using 100% NVMe disks, and optimised lightspeed servers with secure DDoS protection. running on 100% renewable electricity. All this is backed up with friendly telephone and email support.

Joomla consultancy and training - Greenlizzard Studios


Consultancy & Training

It's no coincidence that Joomla is considered one of the most popular CMS platforms around, it is constantly being developed to offer impressive features that only a few other CMS systems can rival.

Here at Greenlizzard Studios, we have many years' worth of experience developing and programming Joomla!® websites in all the various versions.

We work with numerous clients across various industry sectors to create bespoke Joomla website solutions. As Joomla Consultants we understand exactly what works and what doesn’t, so we know how to choose the correct components that work best with your Joomla website.

Looking for a bespoke Joomla!® Website?

We provide a comprehensive range of services to create successful Joomla websites, from bespoke web design and development to expert consultancy and training.

Joomla!® is user-friendly for adding content and images. However, if you want to implement advanced features, dynamic content or plugins, it may require programming knowledge. We are here to assist you in such cases.

Our digital studio is built on principles of simplicity, good design, and usability. We craft effective and technically accomplished business solutions with digital user experience at the core.


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