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A strong partnership gives our customers even better products and services.

Connecting, engaging and creating quality for our customers is what Greenlizzard Studios is all about. We work with a hand-picked selection of partners who help us deliver fantastic solutions to our customers.

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Creative Commercial Photography


Creative Commercial photography is run by Catherine Hadler, a Professional Photographer that specialises in food, commercial and event photography.

Catherine has a lifetime of experience with photography, over 3 years as a professional freelance. Qualified with City and Guilds and the British Institute of Professional Photographers. With many years' experience in the corporate world, she also has a great understanding of branding and corporate culture.

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Thrive Thinking


Thrive Thinking is a fresh consultancy that believes that your customers are the very heart of your business.

We offer comprehensive business, marketing and deep sales knowledge, sprinkled with a design thinking and human-centric philosophy - All the ingredients necessary in helping you solve the most head-scratching issues that your business faces in your quest to grow your business to being totally awesome.

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Video Production

is a different kind of video production company. Based in Oxford we blend broadcast production values with digital marketing experience. We specialise in short online marketing videos that distil the essence of a business into concise, attractive and engaging films.

Instead of the usual 'point and shoot' videography our approach is to understand your aims, listen to your objectives and bring your story to life with accessible, engaging and informative films. With a background in Advertising, TV, Corporate video and Digital Marketing dating back to 1995, all the skills needed to provide a full video production service are 'in-house'.

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Wise Bookkeeping


Wise Bookkeeping offers a monthly bookkeeping service or can train you or your staff on how to do your own bookkeeping correctly. They can also submit your annual tax returns on your behalf if you are a non VAT registered Sole Trader for a price of £8 per month over 10 months.

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