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Pay-Per-Click (PPC)is the advertising you see appear in the form of sponsored links at the top and bottom of Google search pages and other search engine pages.

PPC marketing provides one of the fastest ways to position your business in front of your audience at the time they are searching for your products and services

When it comes to creating high performance paid search campaigns, it’s more than a numbers game. It’s about getting to know your business, your customers, your competitors and the triggers that turn prospects into conversions.

We spend time analysing the length of each website visit and the journey each visitor takes. We look for powerful terms that drive actions rather than easy-wins that drive traffic. We can help you to set up, run and administer a Google and Bing AdWords campaigns, allowing you to target audiences for your products or services.

Our experience doesn’t stop with AdWords though – we can help you manage outstanding campaigns across YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn.

What We Offer

PPC Audit

We review your current PPC structure, performance, and best practices, helping you understand the potential opportunities that may be hidden just around the corner.

PPC Management

Analytical and statistical evidence-based approach alongside creative and innovative thinking for a strategy that will make your PPC campaign efficient and effective.

PPC Retainer

A set number of hours allocated for improving your PPC account and growing your market share, leaving you to focus on the bigger picture.

Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated team with years of combined experience to run and manage your campaign development and optimisation

No Restrictions

We offer a simple no questions asked 30-day rolling contracts.


We treat your budget as if it was our own and constantly test and refine all of our client campaigns.
At Greenlizzard Studios, we are a full-service studio that offers a wide range of PPC services, including Display Advertising, Remarketing Campaigns, Google Display Network, Google Shopping, Youtube Advertising, Mobile PPC, Bing Ads, as well as paid social media advertising. This allows us to offer the right services to reach your specific business goals, requirements and budget.

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