Joomla CMS Training

One To One & Group Training

Joomla training courses are normally delivered on a one to one basis or to small groups of 2-4 people.we can arrange to carry out training either onsite at your premises or off-site at a mutual venue.

JOOMLA Training At Your Premises

We provide bespoke training in Joomla on a one-to-one basis,  that way we teach you the specific skills that you need for the functionality of your site. We don’t normally teach you about the whole of Joomla and all of the complex bits that you won’t ever need to touch.

If you are learning about Joomla for a specific website then we will go through that site with you and ensure that you become familiar with all of the tasks you will need to complete. Whether it’s adding text or images, or more complex menu structures.

We can also provide more advanced technical training on how to install and personalise templates, or how to write specific basic  CSS or HTML5 coding to make Joomla functions to your needs.

Joomla Training Courses

Administrator Training

The Joomla Administration Course covers how to administrate and manage your Joomla website. There are two courses available, Basic and advanced.

Templates & Design

Templating & Design covers how to find and install the best templates & themes & how to configure a theme to update or personalise it by editing the CSS (to update colours and fonts). 

SEO Techniques

This course covers the basics on how to implement correct effective on-page SEO  techniques to your Joomla Site. From Meta tags to Heading tags and writing SEO in Content.

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