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Content Management Systems such as Joomla or WordPress are extremely popular, which also means that they are some of the most targeted websites today. WordPress is still the most hacked content management system on record and we have even seen attempts by hackers, trying to access Joomla based websites using WordPress information.

New vulnerabilities and issues emerge monthly, sometimes even weekly or daily, which is why you need a solution to keep your website secure and minimise threats.

CMS security is not only crucial for large company and e-commerce websites, but also for small one page sites and blogs - these are often forgotten and outdated and are an easy target for hackers and can serve as the first step leading to a more extensive security breach.

CMS updates often reveal vulnerabilities in previous versions in the changelog, exposing websites that are not automatically updated.

we can monitor your website and respond to events as they arise. We can also fix your Joomla website if you have been hacked and install preventative measures to minimise the risk of it happening again.


At Greenlizzard Studios, we pretty much know Joomla inside out having worked with it on a daily basis for over 9 years. We have also worked in IT security for a number of years so have knowledge and experience form this sector as well.

If you are concerned about the security of your Joomla based website, it's files and data, let us manage your website security while you do business. we can detect, clean and block web application security threats and monitor your website security and back up your website files and database.

We protect your website with the best firewall product "RS Firewall" which actively blocks application layer threats, RS Firewall also allows us to monitor your website for future hacking attempts by alerting us by email with all the details. We will also be alerted when the software has an update patch with the latest vulnerabilities, allows us to apply this patch even while you sleep.

RSFirewall! is backed up by a team of experts that are trained to be always up to date with the latest known vulnerabilities and security updates.

  • Protect your website from Joomla! RCE vulnerabilities
  • Scan your files for malware
  • Protect your /administrator folder with an extra password
  • Check Joomla! core files for integrity
  • Protect administrator accounts
  • Spam protection for forms
  • Brute force attacks
  • Find and fix insecure file and folder permissions
  • Block access to specific countries
  • Automatically block IPs that attack your website

We provide RSFirewall as part of our monthly business and premium maintenance packages.


We also use an uptime monitoring service that pings your website every couple of minutes to check the uptime status, and if the server is down for any reason, we are alerted straight away and can investigate the cause and have it fixed immediately.

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